• ERIN GARBER-PEARSON is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, and educator. Erin makes collaborative and solo works ranging from short performances to full length shows, art installations, sculptures and video. Her interests and skills encompass metal fabrication, video editing, screen printing, and costume making. She pursues a range of circus arts specializing in tightwire, aerial rope, and duo trapeze. She has given up trying to categorize.

    Interested in the ways that art can positively impact the community, Erin creates contemporary circus shows for all ages, and art installations that deal with how place creates and affects identity.

    In 2012 Erin founded the Birds Eye View Circus studio in her current home, Toledo, Ohio. She teaches various circus arts to youth and adults, while directing, choreographing, and producing full length shows in the beautiful domed theater of the Collingwood Art Center. You can also find her teaching with the hard working crew at The Ann Arbor Aviary.

    From 2012-2017 Erin was one half of the duo partnership Violet and Fortuna. During this time VF wrote and performed a 45 minute long show called Laces that traced the histories of a house in the Midwest over a hundred years. Each vignette is set in a different time period, from the turn of the century through the present day.