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Map for Walking The CityPerformance Clip

Created by Erin Garber-Pearson
Performed by Erin Garber-Pearson, Renee Granados and Charles Miller

A city map of all the places the artist most walked in a year. The sculpture sets the stage for a walking performance. Three people navigate the intimate cityscape using precision and play in this durational performance.
Afterwards, gallery participants were invited to try a few steps of their own.

Walking is a practice of connecting mind and body with place, and in these works, contributes the idea of purposeful inefficiency. What does our body teach us when wearing a different pair of shoes, when walking barefoot, on unfamiliar terrain, when learning a new step, when backtracking, or under pressure not to fall? Here the simple connective act becomes an opportunity for embodiment.

Map For Walking The City debuted as part of a solo show at River House Gallery in downtown Toledo, Ohio.