• First Craft Fair at The Magnet Factory

    First Craft Fair at The Magnet Factory

    Scrapyard Solutions (my partner Erik), and Metal Witch Studio (my metal art project) teamed up for a craft fair at The Magnet Factory in south Milwaukee this December. The former Magnet Factory is now a community space and was filled with wonderful makers and shoppers on the southside. Thanks for having us MF.

  • The Circus Life Continues

    The Circus Life Continues

    Thanks to many community and national partners such as Dead Man's Carnival, Feed Your Soul, and The World Oddities Expo, I have continued performing solo or with my partner Erik. Please follow these organizations for great old-time cabaret shows (Dead Man's), fighting hunger through a massive art event (Feed Your Soul), and a traveling curiosities emporium (WOE).

    Above is a picture of a holiday parade where I am wearing a stilt-walking Christmas tree costume of my own design, along with a new young friend and Miss America pageant in Milwaukee.

  • Graduate School, Again!

    Graduate School, Again!

    This fall I started my graduate studies to become a Professional Counselor and Expressive Arts Therapist at Adler Graduate School. This is an online program that is CACREP accredited and will run year-round in the quarterly system until I finish. It has been a huge undertaking to manage work, art, and school, but I am overjoyed to be joining a fundamentally forward-thinking profession with wellness advocacy as the core principle. Neo-Adlerians work to continue the application and core principles of social justice, community, and encouragement of their clients, but also as an approach to life and community citizenship, principles important to me. As an artist and educator, I am also excited to expand my skill set and learn to apply my practice to healing. Expressive Arts is a type of art therapy that uses a multimodal approach. Visual arts, movement, theater, music, role play, etc are applied to healing with a focus on somatic embodiment. This decision came after several years of psychology classes, thought work, and deep spell rituals to truly envision where my skill set is and where I want to grow as a person. To those of you who have already supported me in this endeavor with friendship, meals, and long walks, thank you!

  • Dear Nature Exhibition Opens

    Dear Nature Exhibition Opens

    Opening Reception Friday April 21st 6-9pm, 2023
    (Gallery Night)
    The Avenue: 275 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee
    Free and Open to the Public

    I worked with students from Michael Carriere's history class at the Milwaukee School of Engineering on an experimental living sculpture, combining fabricated and CNC cut steel with living plants. Our project, Recipro[city] celebrates the culture of urban sustainability in Milwaukee and the ways that humans are making room for nature to thrive in an urban setting.

    About the exhibit:
    Dear Nature includes sculptures created by MIAD, MSOE, UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, and UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning. The show "explores multiple dimensions of human intersection with nature, while celebrating the disparate elements of Earth, Self, and Natural Form.

    Sculpture Milwaukee's "newest initiative reflects the implementation of its mission beyond its signature exhibition of monumental public sculpture along Wisconsin avenue by impacting how the community engages with the broader built environment, both today and in the future."

  • Art Dose Magazine Feature

    Art Dose Magazine Feature

    My work is featured in the December 18th issue of Art Dose Magazine. Artdose Magazine covers visual art content from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin as well as featuring artists from across the globe.

    "Upcoming art e-newsletter will feature sculptures by Erin Garber-Pearson, Exhibitions: Between Seeing & Knowing: Anne Boothe and Nancy Cohen at Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass (Neenah) and Within Villages of Stone: Andy Newman at Lily Pad | West Gallery (Milwaukee), Artist Call: Wisconsin Visual Artists: Perspectives 2023, Artdose Magazine Vol 33 Spotlight: Guardian Fine Art Services, Pre-order: Artdose Magazine 10th Year Anniversary Artist Directory

    To join in the action all you have to do is subscribe by clicking the link

    Thank you Art Dose!

  • Woodwalk Gallery Representation

    Woodwalk Gallery Representation

    Starting in January 2023, my work will be featured and sold year round at Woodwalk Gallery in Door County, Wisconsin. A great destination for vacations on Lake Michigan (and art!) in and amongst groves of cedar trees.

  • Holiday Open House

    Holiday Open House

    Open House Art Exhibition and Holiday Sale
    20 Ton Studios, Milwaukee, WI
    Small art for sale, music, studio tours, coal cookies and some rad people hanging out. If you are in the area, come say hi, we will have the heat on!

  • Studio Assistant at Penland

    Studio Assistant at Penland

    This summer I had the opportunity to assist Andrew Hayes at Penland School of Craft for his metal fabrication class called "Truth in Fabrication." 2 weeks of working in a beautiful shop with some absolutely brilliant people. While there I started a series of sensory objects which hold herbs, more to come!

  • Sold BEVC!

    Sold BEVC!

    For the past 9+ years I have spent building and growing Birds Eye View Circus - 20+ classes a week, and anywhere from 8-15 instructors at a time all paid in the top 95% of wages in our industry.

    Together we have learned a myriad of circus skills, put on at least 2 dozen student shows, full theater productions, and performed all over the Toledo community with the occasional trip to Milwaukee, Delaware, West Virginia, Detroit etc.

    For some time, my life has been moving in another direction. My partner and I want to be closer to our families and Toledo no longer fits into this plan.

    I am beyond thrilled to announce that instructors Chloe, Renee, Morgan, and Matt have collectively purchased Bird's Eye View Circus! Given their individual skill sets I could not be more sure of a bright future for BEVC.

    Being a creative business owner has been such a huge part of my life and I’m excited to see what comes next. In the meantime Ill be slowing down and reveling in having less on my plate, for however long that lasts.

    MUCH LOVE to all the self employed hustlers, studio owners and people supporting small businesses and creative endeavors- we couldn’t do it without you.

  • Return to Teaching

    Return to Teaching

    This Spring I returned to teaching Art, this time at Cochise Community College in Sierra Vista, AZ. I taught 2D Design and 3D Design/Beginning Sculpture, check my Teaching Portfolio to see some of the projects I did with the wonderful students there.

  • 20 Ton Studios Open Studio Event

    20 Ton Studios Open Studio Event

    In February of 2020 I joined the 20 Ton Studios, first as an Artist- In-Residence, and then as a collective member. The studio houses 7 artists working in various mediums from painting to sculpture, and of course the various social practice work of your truly.

  • Circus International Film Festival

    Circus International Film Festival

    Circus International Film Festival
    March- April 2021

    Aber was accepted into the Circus International Film Festival. Screenings will run from March 14th to April 14th, winners being announced April 17. The festival is free, and emails are sent out each day with the links to that day’s video screenings.
    You can subscribe to receive the emails on the website, and of course vote for your favorite films.

  • Aber
    Premiers November 14th with INSERIES, The Logan Operahouse Without Walls.

    A project very dear to my heart I started last February with soprano Carli Miller to interweave classical music, vocal performance and the aerial arts. We wanted to tell a story about loss, grief, and the redemptive power of love. Aber combines "Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit" from Ein deutches Requiem bbt Brahms, newly arranged for soprano and guitar by Nathan Siler with aerial silks and film. In the process of creating Aber, Caroline lost her grandmother. This piece and this partnership were there to catch her. I am so grateful for this, her, and the amazing team we worked with, Matthew James Miller, Mary Cloud, and Elizabeth van Os.

  • Mindscapes Drive In/ Zoom Show

    Mindscapes Drive In/ Zoom Show

    Saturday October 24th
    Two shows: 7:30pm and 9:30pm

    I am producing a Drive-In show for the Bird's Eye View Circus School

    Circus acts, music, and shadow puppetry will be performed by youth and adult students from the Birds Eye circus school, as well as local, national, and international guest artists and performers. All acts are based on themes of fantasy, isolation, mental health, imagination, intuition, enhanced creativity, connection with other people and the absurd new normal we live in. The audience will watch from their cars, tuning in on the radio just like a real drive in circus.

    Mindscapes is a socially-distant event, and we encourage you to participate from the safety of your own car or from home.

    Tickets for the IN PERSON EVENT here
    Tickets for VIRTUAL ZOOM SHOW here

  • Sanctuary in Place Digital Performance

    Sanctuary in Place Digital Performance

    Saturday May 16th 8:30pm Chicago/9:30pm EST
    Squishing a circus show into people's living rooms and garages isn't easy, but we make it happen! May 16, join us for the next edition of Sanctuary in Place, live from all the performers houses! I'll be getting all dressed up and fancy-with-no-pants-on and we will have a big Zoom-enabled circus show, just like old times!

    Donate here for your show link! It's a $0.00 ticket but you add your donation after that.

    And would you believe it's almost as fun and awesome as the real thing? People get to do weird things they could never do on a regular stage while creating live circus films for you to watch. It's so fun and DOPE.

  • Echoes They Left Behind Show

    Echoes They Left Behind Show

    Saturday, October 26th, 2019

    Directing and Choreography for Bird's Eye View Circus Show Echoes They Left Behind
    This show will explore stories of ghost encounters, paranormal experiences, campfire tales, creepy pasta, real life tales of terror, ghost sightings and more. A series of group and solo acts that use a unique blend of physical storytelling with aerial acrobatics, tightwire,and live theater.
    Toledo City Paper Article Here

  • Accelerator Grant Awarded

    Accelerator Grant Awarded

    June 17th, 2019

    Accelerator Grant Award from the Toledo Arts Commission for the purchase of a Gimbal, a self stabilizing mechanism specifically made for live action shots, reducing camera shake so the footage looks professional, regardless of being handheld. As an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in performance, this is an invaluable tool for developing further work, Thank you for the support TAC!

  • Prairie Center of the Arts Exhibition

    Prairie Center of the Arts Exhibition

    August 10- Sept 13th, 2019
    Peoria, IL

    My work will be included in the 2019 Annual Alumni Invitational Show at Prairie Center of the Arts, where I was an Artist In Residence in 2011
    Learn More

  • Artist Interview with Women Cinemakers Magazine

    Artist Interview with Women Cinemakers Magazine

    October 29th, 2018

    Women Cinemakers is an online publication based in Berlin, dedicated to highlighting established and emerging female-identified artists working in film. My video, City Steps, was selected for their special biennial issue featuring independent filmmakers and performance artists.

    The resulting interview was a 22 page interview exploring the emotional resonance between sound, movement and architecture in City Steps.

    Read the full issue here

  • All Together Now Exhibition

    All Together Now Exhibition

    April 26th-28th, 2019
    Annex Gallery, Detroit, MI

    My collaborative project Transmission, with artist Lis Chere Thomas was shown at the All Together Now music and arts festival in Detroit, Michigan. The festival included a gallery exhibition, live performance, film blocks, and live music.

    Learn More

  • Rough Draft Diaries Interview

    Rough Draft Diaries Interview

    April 25th, 2019

    An interview I did with Hayley Taylor for her WGTE Program, The Rough Draft Diaries about the studio I founded and am currently artistic director of, Birds Eye View Circus

    Listen to full 6 minute Interview

  • Women Made Gallery Exhibition

    Women Made Gallery Exhibition

    January 11th, 2019

    Inclusion in Chicago's Women Made Gallery 2nd Midwest Open Exhibition Jan 11th- Feb 2nd

    Juried by Amy Galpin, Chief Curator of the Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida, this multidisciplinary exhibition was a selection of 35 artists from 8 Midwestern States.

  • Creative Women Make Money Panel Speaker

    Creative Women Make Money Panel Speaker

    Saturday April 27th, 2019
    Sanger Library, Toledo, OH

    Part of a Feminist education series of events at Sanger library, this panel discussion included Women artists and activists in the Toledo area who have found sustainable ways to generate income through their creative occupations. We discussed best business practices, tools available in the library as well as online, and general outreach needed to sustain a project both entrepreneurial and community minded.

    Event Info

  • Artist Interview with Toledo City Paper

    Artist Interview with Toledo City Paper

    November 21st, 2018

    Artist interview with Jason Webber of the Toledo City Paper Read Interview Here