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CNC Cut Steel, Edible Plants and Flowers, Self Watering System,
43" x 43" x 30"

Recipro[city] pays homage to the work of Milwaukee's environmentalists, cultural workers and sustainable systems who envision urban spaces designed and built to accommodate the natural world, visualizing the health of a community with daily access to green spaces and water.

This sculpture contains a self watering system where water sits in the bottom of the basin and reaches the plant roots from below, through capillary action.

Designed by myself in collaboration with Michael Carriere's history class from the Milwaukee School of Engineering, we looked at many ideas, from abstract hydroponic sculptures to the more representational soil-based work seen here. We wanted to combine the industrial character of Milwaukee with a sense of the micro to macro, the beneficial insects to towering architecture. Bridges act as a metaphor for unity and change, towards caretaking of plants, animals and water as precious life giving beings in our community.